High End Quality "Made in Bavaria, Germany"


The TUNELUXX No1 combines the newest LED technology, modern electronics and precision engineering in a timeless and functional Design.

A particular feature of the TUNELUXX No1 is the dimmer Natural Toning Zenigata COB LEDs from Sharp together with an adjustable beam angle from 5 to 120 degrees which can be set via the App or remote control. Objects under the lights can thus be lit up individually.


The new Natural Toning Zenigata LEDs behave in a similar way to good old light bulbs with regard to the colour temperature: they project a very warm light of around 2000K when they are on a dimmed setting. The maximum power of the light is 1000lm and a colour temperature of 3000K. In addition the LEDs have a very high colour reproduction of Ra= 92-94 and this way provide better quality colour reproduction. TUNELUXX No1 is the perfect solution for lighting areas such as dining rooms, work spaces, games tables, billiard tables and much more, even reproducing an atmospheric candle light dinner.


In standby, the respective angular flaps prevent glare as in conventional pendant luminaires is often the case. In idle state, the closed flaps fit seamlessly into the lamp body and thus create a harmonious and unobtrusive overall impression of the light.


The design, surfaces, manufacture and development of the electronics have been done by professionals from the car industry. The manufacture of the mechanical components is done in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The electronic parts are produced by well known Japanese companies. The assembly and quality control of the TUNELUXX No1 is done in Bavaria.


The pendant luminaire will be available with five, seven, nine and eleven flame settings, with an output between 50 and 110 watts (60-132 watts in turbo setting).

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